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A Flux of Errors, a Deflux of Life, a Reflux of Anger

Sara Benaglia
April 2020

A Flux of Errors, a Deflux of Life, a Reflux of Anger Sara Benaglia

Lombardy closes and self-quarantine continues, while the American Army DEFENDER-Europe 20 military drills proceed.

—> 31/01/2020 the Prime Minister of Italy signs a document that declares the State of Emergency in Italy

—> 28/02/2020 Confindustria Bergamo publishes a video online addressing the international partners of the city. The message of the video is “Bergamo is Running”

—> 06/03/2020 Messages of emergency are published on the websites of Hospitals since they need physicians and nurses

—> 07/03/2020 We live the real sovranist dream: everyone locked in their own space

—> 08/03/2020 Lombardy closes and the self-quarantine continues, while the American Army DEFENDER-Europe 20 military drills proceed in Vicenza. Without anti-coronavirus masks or any other protections. Is the American military vaccinated? I don't take myself too seriously, but I think about it. An alternative... does America believe its superhumans will be stronger than the virus?

—> 09/03/2020 From today, cinemas, theatres, concerts and museums are closed throughout Italy. It's the first time this has happened since the Second World War.

—> 10/03/2020 My grandfather dies, without being tested for COVID-19.

—> US Army Europe request the institution of a “Military Schengen Area” to let tanks circulate freely. The Defender Europe 20 exercise is scheduled for April-May. The need to increase military mobility was discussed in Zagreb on 4-5 March at a meeting, attended by the defense ministers of the 27 EU countries, 22 of which are members of NATO. The Secretary General of NATO Stoltenberg, who has attended the EU meeting, calls it "the largest deployment of US forces in Europe since the end of the Cold War".

—> 11/03/2020 In the farewell room three relatives give Grandpa a last farewell. Next door a row of nine coffins is waiting to use the same room after him.

—>Some friends in Milan are denouncing gatherings of more than two people. The social distancing generated by the state of exception reaps its first victims: young people who turn into policemen to give strength to the new authoritarian state. In the meantime, the elderly are dying like flies in old people's homes, and riots are being whipped up in prisons. From the reception areas for migrants there is no news. For some, the state of exception has already been in place for some time.

—> In the event of a pandemic, if in Italy in less than two days the state of exception will be exasperated by declaring the state of pandemic, would the Internet be closed? Or will the exception lead to an expansion in the use of the network, with its project of social separation and a great transformation to a capitalism of the network and platforms? Who sleeps in a democracy wakes up in a dictatorship. And, please, stop talking about an end to pollution, because it is not part of the plans of biofascism and because airplanes continue to cross the sky. They just don't carry civilians. Food among other things. Could we feed ourselves without supermarkets?

—> The transfer of power from nation to science generates a technological response. The project of social separation will lead to network and platform capitalism. Who owns the network?

—> 12/03/2020 In the church of the cemetery of Bergamo there is an average of 40 coffins with corpses awaiting cremation, while from Friday the crematorium works 24 hours a day. The total number of infections here has exceeded 1,800.

Churches in Bergamo overloaded with the coffins of COVID-19 victims

—> 13/03/2020 No EU country responded to Italian plea for help with Coronavirus, but today Chinese physicians and nurses got to Italy.

—> Factory workers are not protected at the moment, but sent to the front line by industrialists without adequate security measures or protection.

—> Lombardy is pushing to adopt a surveillance method, but no COVID-19 test is done, except on those that go to hospitals.

—> 14/03/2020 It's a flu. Fake news can be created better when their protagonists are racialised.

—> The nation invites everyone to stay in their homes. Feminicide cases don't stop.

—> 15/03/2020 Why don’t we call in the mafia to manage the emergency in Lombardy? The criminal idea of Matteo Renzi on the appointment of Guido Bertolaso as super commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency has found confirmation in the Government, thanks also to the pressing of Matteo Salvini and Gianni Letta. The scandals of L’Aquila Earthquake emergency contracts entrusted to corrupt friends + an authoritarian drift that was coming to an end with the birth of the Protezione Civile Spa have already been forgotten by the Italians. Or never known? The press has the gag. Italians have a blindfold on their eyes and earplugs.

—> 16/03/2020 Formigoni, I think of you every morning. And I wonder who the fuck gave you house arrest.[1]

—> 17/03/2020 While the neighbor counts the dead, you believe in the nation: Zombie!

—> 18/03/2020 Being remotely controlled, using this logic of "responsibility" against personal freedom and seeing people denounce neighbors makes me sick. Most people who are dying in these hours are over eighty years old and don't have a cell phone. And are not protected against nurses coming from the outside. Or relatives.

—> 19/03/2020 We are in full emergency with coronavirus pandemia. Stefano Fagiuoli - at the head of the Department of medicine of Papa Giovanni Hospital in Bergamo, Italy - has 2 messages. The first one is for the general population: please, stay at home. The second one is for whoever wants to help us. We need nurses and physicians, together with ventilators and Individual Protection Devices.

—> Grandfather's coffin is transported together with others by military trucks bound for other cities because the crematorium in Bergamo is not able to dispose of all the dead.

—> 20/03/2020 How and how much has Orio al Serio airport changed Bergamo in these years? Nobody has ever opened a real investigation on the effects that this airport has produced in these years on the health of the citizens of Bergamo. No correlation has ever been made so far on the increase of tumors, pneumonia and tracheitis even before COVID-19. Bergamo has always been too small for an airport that has continued to expand, taking everything and forcing us to live with the windows closed all year round as well as the dust and the terrible noise it produces. 
But even we, I, have continued to travel in the name of contemporary art. How much is our value system leading to the death of the planet?

—> 21/03/2020 Corriere della Sera, if you really want to find a spiritual answer to the emergency, please don't interview the bishop of Bergamo anymore, better if you ask Alexa if God loves us. In small communities priests still bless those who are about to die, even if they have COVID-19. The bishop, instead, says in the interview that doctors and relatives can bless their dead. Even without priests. So, please, if you close the parks, don't leave the churches open. Because you can also pray at home. We have to give “8 per thousand” to hospitals and no more to the church. Or you who love jogging and have printed the self-declaration, must say he/she is going to pray.

—> At the beginning, on the 21st of February, it was numbers. Now I am thinking about ghosts. When you can't do anything against politics and reality, death becomes your ally.

—> We are facing more than 600 deaths a day, and more than 200 just in Bergamo. In a tiny village, Vo Euganeo, where the epidemic started and was stopped, after one week without cases and with all the citizens tested, the epidemic just restarted with a new case yesterday.

—> 22/03/2020 Communication, newspapers and televisions, in recent weeks is the typical communication of war scenarios. Every day, as in war, we wait for a press conference. Not of generals, but of the civil defence. Official communication is the structure of the COVID-19 narrative and consensus, regardless of the truthfulness of what is told. But what is told and how? The point of view of the narrator is unique, and unique is becoming the point of view of the receiver. Indoctrination leads in Italy to approve 94% of the government's work. This is not normal. It means that everyone thinks the same way. The same happens in war scenarios. When everybody thinks the same way, there's a problem.

Those at the top of the pyramid of the system know that it is not convenient to eliminate the fruit salad that is the internet. When there is a lot of noise at the end nobody has a precise course to follow.

We are zombies, blindfolded, colliding with each other, while above us the top decision-maker breathes a fine air. Facebook is the vehicle of Fake News, but "Colonia Italia" shows how this also happens with printed communication.

Fake News feeds the noise. The best way to make something harmless is not to talk about it. Today, journalists in the West are no longer killed, because they are sound speakers. If you talk about Fake News it is because you want to turn a spotlight on that Fake News.

We are all confused, we do not understand what is happening and we do not know what the world is going to be like soon. This total confusion only benefits those with clear ideas, unfortunately ultracapitalistic ones.

—> COVID-19 responds to a horizontal, globalized world in which nations lose their meaning.

—> 23/03/2020 Is there a correlation between the diffusion of COVID-19 in Lombardy and fine dust (PM-10 and PM2.5)? A study by the Society of Environmental Medicine and the Universities of Bologna and Bari analyses the correlation. There is a solid scientific literature that correlates the incidence of cases of viral infection with concentrations of atmospheric particulate matter, which acts as a carrier for many contaminants, including viruses. The latter, in fact, "attack", with a coagulation process, the particulate matter, consisting of solid and/or liquid particles able to remain in the atmosphere for hours, days or weeks, and which can spread and be transported over long distances". In this way viruses can "travel", in vital conditions for a certain time, in the order of hours or days. The rate of virus inactivation in atmospheric particulate matter depends on environmental conditions. While an increase in temperature and solar radiation has a positive effect, high relative humidity can promote a higher rate of spread.

—> 24/03/2020 (Pension Covid) The Fornero reform (2011) is not sustainable for Italy. Every day more and more delays in the arrival of health aid, every extra death on that table is just a symptom of a missed communication: we have no more money for pensions. Death to the olds!

Boris Johnson is more of an asshole than a cynic. But the only thing that differentiates him from Italian politicians is that he has been explicit in saying that the European capitalist system can only sustain itself by making the oldest and weakest die. // (Risorgimental Covid) In our new psychic environment, we're being told we're at war. But in a war, soldiers are there to be sacrificed to a greater purpose, to the good of the nation. Anyway, people are singing Mameli's hymn on balconies. (The disease, however, is the result of a complex social, cultural and marginalization problem). War is pure emergency, in which no sacrifice will be considered excessive. Getting sick means being invaded by the enemy and dying is a defeat. Why resurrect national pride now?

—> 25/03/2020 on the Channel 3 news I see an interview with the manager of the nursing home where Grandpa lived. Out of 260 old people, 40 died. No one was swabbed and not all the bodies were cremated.

—> 27/03/2020 European foreign policy depends on the military elite and the coronavirus can only accelerate certain processes. North Macedonia joined NATO, becoming its 30th Ally.

Official DEFENDER-Europe 20 logo

—>DEFENDER-Europe 20 is continuing, even if with fewer soldiers but more nuclear bombers

—> 28/03/2020 Fire at the court in Milan, burning down the archive on the seventh floor. Just yesterday the investigation of Attilio Fontana for abuse of office was closed.

—> 28/03/2020 Another NATO exercise started in Scotland. It’s called JOIN WARRIOR (with USA, GB, Germany +)

—> If you have more military exercises, you have more costs. Washington is asking Allies to increase defence spending TO DEFEND OURSELVES FROM THE RUSSIAN THREAT

—> In Monaco Mike Pompeo orders Europe to increase the military budgets by $400 billion that would mean Italy spending 7% more than the $25 billion spent so far (which is again much more than what we are spending to cover the consequences of COVID-19) 

—> Lockheed Martin’s 5th generation F-35 produced in USA are becoming more expensive (and citizens pay to buy them). They are used principally to transport nuclear weapons B-61-12.

—> Gen. Tod Walters was asked by Mrs. Fisher in a public hearing in the US Senate about the “non-first use of nuclear weapons”. Walters answered “Senator, I am a fan of flexible first use policy” (I remind you that Italy has nuclear weapons on its territory so we would be under attack instead of Washington..)

—> in Monaco Mike Pompeo pushed to break economic contracts with China (HUAWEI’s 5G ) and Russia.

—> China and Iran lead a group of countries (that includes Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, Nicaragua, Cuba and Syria) that last Thursday pushed for the UN to pressure Washington to lift sanctions during the pandemic—> Mattei was murdered in the 70’s +/- for the same reasons)

—> Does Europe need to buy US F35s to defend itself?

—> Why not lift the sanctions against Russia to give money to small and medium enterprises?

—> Why don't we borrow the money allocated in military spending to cover the emergency instead of talking about CoronaBond?

—> Why are we talking about the Russian threat if not to enrich the arms manufacturers (Eisenhower)? But Russia has major nuclear potential... and Europe is in the middle of this great game of who earns on war -> this is not space for philosophy but Europe does NOT have a ruling class able to support this anti-war change.

—> 04/04/2020 Grandfather's ashes returned this morning and were therefore buried. In quarantine you forget a lot of things and get used to a slow existence, like that of plants.


Roberto Formigoni, former Governor of Lombardy for 4 terms, was convicted for millionaire corruption. He distracted over 200 million public money in favour of private clinics of friends. Six million was pocketed by him directly.

The Prosecutor's Office in 2016 called him "the head of a criminal group responsible for a system of corruption that lasted 10 years and that would have squandered about 70 million public money". He was sentenced to 5 years and 10 months' imprisonment converted in 5 months in jail plus house arrest on ridiculous grounds, such as the "reserved lifestyle" maintained in prison. We know that the money distracted by Formigoni is hidden in Switzerland and that the character's religiousness has taught him to keep quiet.

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Sara Benaglia (Italy) lives and works in Bergamo. She produces essays and interviews with a focus on the relationship between art and politics. Benaglia also runs the non-profit space BACO_ Base Arte Contemporanea Odierna together with Mauro Zanchi.